Citrine Beads Bring Sunshine Into Your Life

Use these pretty citrine beads to brighten up your environment, de-stress and even to make great pieces of jewellery if you like. There are many citrine beads to choose from such as round, natural and tumble beads. Many attributes are associated with citrine beads, for example the warmth of the sun from the colouring of citrine, it is said to be a regenerator and cleanser. It is also said that citrine beads or any other type of citrine can act as an early warning sign. Citrine is seen as a happy and generous stone, encouraging sharing what you have with others.

Citrine Beads Healing

You can also use citrine beads for healing, it is said to be a fantastic stone for reversing degenerative diseases, stimulating digestion, the spleen and the pancreas. Many people also use citrine to remove infections in the kidney and bladed, help eye problems, increase blood circulation and detoxify the blood.

Citrine Bead Types

Citrine Beads 15-20mm

Citrine Beads 10-15mm

Citrine Beads 15-20mm

Citrine Crystal 9mm

Citrine Crystal Beads 5mm

Charoite Beads Attributes & Effects

Charoite Beads

A beautiful crystal to enjoy in the form of crystal beads is Charoite Beads, the appearance of the crystal has swirls, mottle and veined textures to it which brings out the deep purple colour of it perfectly. Charoite Beads and other products are considered to be soul stones that can overcome fear, stimulate inner vision and spiritual insight. Many people use charoite beads to make items of  jewellery and they also make a great gift for others who use crystals.

Charoite Beads 10mm

Charoite Bead Psychological Effects

It is thought that you can use charoite beads to integrate negative qualities and facilitate the acceptance of others. Many people use charoite crystal to help put things in perspective, bestowing drive, vigor and spontaneity, whilst reducing stress and worry. Some even use charoite crystal to help overcome compulsions and obsessions which become very unhealthy indeed.

Charoite Bead Healing

Many use charoite crystal for it’s believed healing qualities, it is thought to transmute negative energy into healing, whilst converting disease into wellness. If you have an exhausted body then charoite beads could help reenergize it, heal and help to regulate the blood pressure. The body parts that charoite crystal is believed to help are the eyes, heart, liver and pancreas, it is also said to reverse liver damage due to alcohol. Crystal healers also say that you can help overcome insomnia with charoite, enjoying deep sleep and powerful dreams, it is very helpful for children’s sleep too.

Aventurine Beads Are Associated With Plentiful Benefits

Using these gorgeous aventurine beads you can de-stress or make jewellery, the pretty beads have been tumbled so feel smooth to touch. Due to the calming tranquil colour of these aventurine beads they could have a soothing effect on you, with each bead a slightly different shape to the last. It is widely believed that aventurine crystal brings harmony and balance into lives, both to groups and individual lives. These aventurine beads are provided on a temporary 16″ string, ready for use.

Green Aventurine Beads

Green Aventurine Tumble Stone Beads

Aventurine Beads Attributes

Crystal healers say that aventurine crystal is a very positive stone, with a strong connection to the devic kingdom which is a realm where devas or elementals are thought to reside. It is also believed that by wearing aventurine beads absorbs electromagnetic smog, protecting against environmental pollution. If you tape some aventurine to a mobile phone, it is said to protect you from the emanations. In addition to these great attributes, aventurine is also said to turn negative situations around, diffusing negativity.

Aventurine Beads Healing

As many people use crystals for healing, you might like to know the healing qualities of aventurine and how using aventurine beads can help you. It is said that aventurine helps the thymus gland, connective tissue and the nervous system, balancing the blood pressure and stimulating metabolism. It has also been claimed that aventurine can prevent arteriosclerosis and heart attacks, making it well worth while testing out for yourself. Migraine headaches, eyes and the skin could also be helped by using aventurine as well as the lungs, adrenals, sinuses, heart, muscular and urogenital systems.

Sodalite Beads Can Be Used To Make Jewellery & to Combat Stress

You can create a stunning piece of jewellery by using Sodalite Beads, these string of beads are available in round beads of 4mm and 5mm and boast gorgeous deep blues which compliment a variety of other colours. Sodalite Beads are thought to withhold many beneficial qualities such as being good in helping more effective communication, as well as providing a balance between intellect and intuition. You can either treat yourself to sodalite beads, or buy them as a gift for somebody else who you know enjoys crystals or jewellery making.

5mm Round Sodalite Beads

5mm Round Sodalite Beads

Add calm and collectiveness with these pretty 5mm Round Sodalite Beads, featuring lovely blue tones which compliment all skin colours. The round shape of the 5mm Round Sodalite Beads are very comfortable to use in the hands and are very easy to work with as a result. Many people use these 5mm round sodalite beads for beadwork and jewellery making, others simply to eliminate stress and communication difficulties.

4mm Round Sodalite Beads

4mm Round Sodalite Beads

For smaller hands, you may prefer the 4mm Round Sodalite Beads, these beads are slightly smaller than the 5mm beads but just as beautiful, featuring a marbled speckle appearance in deep sea blues. The 4mm round sodalite beads are supplied on a temporary 16″/40cm string, ideal for later changing around or replacing with a tougher clasp arrangement for jewellery.

New Jade Crystal Could Heal The Past

Many people use New Jade Crystal or Serpentine as it is otherwise known as to aid them in meditation and general spiritual exploration. It is said that psychologically new jade crystal can help you to feel more in control of your life, correct mental and emotional imbalances and assist the conscious direction of healing energy. People also use new jade crystal to cleanse and detoxify the body and blood.

New Jade Crystal Healing

It is said that new jade eliminates parasites, helps calcium and magnesium absorption and treats hypoglycaemia and diabetes.

Light green serpentine or new jade is also called the infinite stone, this is closely associated with angelic guidance and is believed to be a gentle stone. Those who use light green new jade say that it can access and integrate the past present and future, many use the stone for past-life exploration, promoting compassion and forgiveness.

New Jade Crystal Products

New Jade Crystal Beads Twist Oval
New Jade Crystal Pyramid
New Jade Crystal Thumb Stone

Rose Quartz Beads Can Be Carried Anywhere

Many people believe that rose quartz crystal has beneficial healing qualities this is why many people use them in the form of rose quartz beads which gives you the option to make jewellery or simply to use them as they are. There are many different shapes and sizes of rose quartz beads to choose from, with each attached along a piece of string. The various rose quartz beads include Madagascan drop, facet roundel, twist oval, tumble stone, rectangle, long oval and puff heart. Rose Quartz Beads make lovely gifts for anybody who is into crystal healing or jewellery making, they are also said to be complimentary to those who are Libra star signs.

Rose Quartz Beads Healing

It is said that rose quartz crystal is the stone of unconditional love and infinite peace, very important in regards to the heart in general and energy that surrounds it. Those who use crystals on a regular basis believe that rose quartz crystal can open the heart on all levels, bring a deep inner healing and encourage self love. Many people use rose quartz crystal for calming themselves, reassuring and when they have experienced trauma or crisis of any kind. Rose quartz crystal is also believed to be able to attract love, by simply placing some by your bed you can test this theory out which is said to be very powerful, often requiring amethyst to calm things down. People already in a relationship can use rose quartz crystals in the form of beads or any other to restore trust and harmony. Said to strengthen the physical heart and circulatory system, many also place rose quartz crystal on the thymus to aid chest and lung issues.

Rose Quartz Beads Options

Rectangle Rose Quartz Beads
Puff Heart Rose Quartz Beads
Facet Roundel Rose Quartz Beads

Hematite Crystal Makes A Great Gift For Aries

The Hematite Crystal is sourced from Britain, Italy, Brazil, Sweden, Canada and Switzerland. There are many attributes associated with the Hematite Crystal and it is often used for grounding and protecting, as well as harmonizing the mind, body and spirit. Some people who are into out of body experiences find that Hematite Crystal helps them to do this, protecting the soul and grounding it back into the body. It is said that Hematite Crystal dissolves negativity and can prevent negative energies from entering the aura, this is said to restore the bodies peace and harmonious qualities.

Other uses of Hematite Crystal include using to help with legal situations, so anybody who has a court case coming up could find taking some hematite in your pocket could make things easier.

Hematite Crystal Healing

Using Hematite Crystal is believed to be able to help with circulatory problems like Reynaud’s Disease, as well as anemia as it is though to stimulate the absorption of iron and formation of red blood cells. Some people use hematite crystal to treat leg cramps, anxiety, insomnia, spinal alignment and fractures.

Hematite Crystal Aries Birthstone Bracelet

Hematite Crystal Aries Birthstone Bracelet

People born between March 21st – April 20th under the zodiac sign Aries can wear this pretty Hematite Crystal Aries Birthstone Bracelet to compliment their personality. Aries are said to be enthusiastic, humorous, adventurous types, eager to embark on new ventures. By using hematite crystal, Aries are thought to strengthen the will, aid with grounding and protecting and helping out generally through bad times.

Sphalerite Crystal In A Nutshell

Sphalerite Crystal Healing

Sphalerite Crystal

This pretty Sphalerite Crystal is often used for healing purposes, sphalerite-zinc blende crystal originates from Spain. Although Sphalerite Crystal gets its name from the Greek word for deceitful and is meant to be useful in helping us recognise which people are in that way inclined. Children and crystal collectors alike would benefit from this small piece of Sphalerite Crystal and it comes with a full description of the properties it is believed to have.

Sphalertite Crystal Associated Attributes

It is widely believed by crystal experts that the sphalerite crystal possesses the following attributes:

• Fills the body with golden light
• Protects those in the public eye
• Alleviates homesickness
• Imbues a feeling of ‘lightness’
• Encourages physic & spiritual development
• Aids meditation & visualisation
• May help to uncover deceit or treachery

Sphalerite Crystal Appearance

In addition to the translucent brown crystal, you can also find the sphalerite crystal in a metallic version, this strain has a similar powerful energy, more connected to the Root Chakra (energy point) rather than the Earth Naval & Solar Plexus Chakras.

Blue Goldstone Crystal Sparkles In The Light

Blue Goldstone Crystal is a gorgeous copper speckled crystal which looks fantastic in both sunlight and artificial light. Some people think that the sparkles in the blueness represent the light that can be found in darkness, resembling the sky and reminding you to reach for the stars. You can use Blue Goldstone Crystal during meditation sessions, or carry it around with you wherever you go. Copper in itself is said to be helpful in areas of inflammation and helping to increase blood flow, this makes Blue Goldstone Crystal great for those who suffer from bad blood flow and inflammations of any kind.

Blue Goldstone Crystal Chip Bracelet

Blue Goldstone Gemstone Chip Bracelet

With this pretty Blue Goldstone Crystal Chip Bracelet you can add a casual hint to your look, whilst enjoying the subtle blue of this Goldstone bracelet. Blue Goldstone crystal is a gemstone which is associated with aiding communication and is even said to help with astral travel. Blue Goldstone Crystal has copper particles within it which create a complimentary shimmering effect when the light hits it, many crystal healers believe that the copper can generate warming pain relief.

Blue Goldstone Crystal Palm Stone

Blue Goldstone Crystal Palm Stone

You can use this smooth Blue Goldstone Crystal Palm Stone to ease stress by simply holding it in your palm. The copper particles in the Blue Goldstone Crystal Palm Stone compliment the dark blue goldstone beautifully, resulting in a dazzling effect. Blue Goldstone is aligned with the throat chakra, Vishudda and is primarily used on a spiritual and astral level. In addition to using Blue Goldstone Crystal for yourself, you can also buy it as a gift for somebody else, to add to or begin a crystal collection.

Blue Calcite Crystal Can Brighten The Home & Your Mood

The beautiful Blue Calcite Crystal is said to be a gentle stone, used for recuperation and relaxation. Many people believe that Blue Calcite Crystal can lower the blood pressure and dissolve pain on all levels, making it a very useful crystal to have around. It is also widely thought that Blue Calcite Crystal can be responsible for soothing nerves and lifting any anxieties, releasing negative emotions that can be associated with them. You can use the Blue Calcite Crystal on the throat chakra for help with clear communicating and it is also said to absorb energy, filter it and then return it to benefit the sender.

Blue Calcite Crystal Thumb Stone

Blue Calcite Crystal Thumb Stone

Holding this pretty Blue Calcite Crystal Thumb Stone is said to soothe away any stress you may have, allowing you to feel the energy from the crystal. The Blue Calcite Crystal Thumb Stone has been tumbled and as a result is very smooth and easy to carry around with you. This Blue Calcite Crystal Thumb Stone makes an excellent gift for a loved one or somebody else that you feel would benefit from better communication and less stress.

Blue Calcite Crystal Massage Wand

Blue Calcite Crystal Massage Wand

With this gorgeous Blue Calcite Crystal Massage Wand, it is said that you can enjoy relaxing and recuperation. The massage wand is a great way to soothe trapped nerves and release tension and stress from the body and mind. Each of the Blue Calcite Crystal Massage Wands have been shaped and polished which reveals the soft colours and depth of the crystal. In addition to massaging with the Blue Calcite Crystal Massage Wand, you can also use it for meditation.