Lapis Lazuli and Malachite

Many crystals form alongside others but one of the most attractive crystal amalgamations is lapis lazuli and malachite. Both malachite and lapis lazuli have beautiful colours and when they form together the results can be stunning. Seen in the examples below, lapis lazuli is a bright blue stone while malachite is a lovely vibrant green. Both lapis lazuli and malachite have been prized for thousands of years and used as important decorative stones.

These stones are also highly complimentary in terms of crystal healing. Malachite is a goddess stone and a stone of transformation. It is said to help us make positive changes and give pain relief from injuries, arthritis, period pain and childbirth. Lapis lazuli was called the ‘Stone of Rulers’ by the Ancient Egyptians. It is believed to protect, inspiration, wisdom and truth.

Lapis Lazuli and Malachite Tumble Stones

Lapis Lazuli and Malachite Tumble Stones

These lapis and malachite tumble stones are a lovely way to enjoy the beauty of the crystals. They really shine with colour and look very attractive placed around the home. These tumble stones are 20-25mm in size so you can take them anywhere with you. You could also focus on one during meditation or place them on the skin during crystal healing.

Lapis Lazuli and Malachite Palm Stone

Lapis Lazuli and Malachite Palm Stone

Palm stones make it easy to access the power of a crystal. This lapis lazuli and malachite palm stone measures 5cm x 7cm. It fits in the palm of your hand so it is perfect for focusing on during meditation and healing work. Palm stones make pretty ornaments and great gifts for anyone interested in crystals.

How To Use Palm Stones

Palm stones are polished oval stones that can be used for crystal healing, meditation and many other esoteric healing practices. The reason that palm stones are called ‘palm stones’ is very simple: they fit perfectly into the palm of your hand. These stones are a great way to access the energy of a particular crystal and they are ideal for crystal healing. Palm stones are also inexpensive, so they are an affordable way to expand your own healing practice. Palm stones typically measure 5cm by 7cm.

Palm stones can be used in many different ways but the two simplest methods are to either place the stone on the body part in need of healing or to hold the crystal whilst performing a healing action or meditating. The tactile shape and small size of palm stones makes them easy to place upon the body or in other locations. They can also be easily transported or even carried with you as you go about your day.

Latest Palm Stones

We have over eighty palm stones in the Crystal Age online store, encompassing a great choice of different crystals. They include popular crystals such as amethyst and clear quartz, as well as rare stones and unusual palm stones such as dumortierite. Below are the newest additions to our range. To buy these stones or view our range, just click on one of the pictures.

Lapis Lazuli and Malachite Palm Stone
Lapis Lazuli and Malachite Palm Stone
Purple Howlite Palm Stone
Purple Howlite Palm Stone
Snakeskin Jasper Palm Stone
Snakeskin Jasper Palm Stone
Amazonite Palm Stone
Amazonite Palm Stone
Bronzite Palm Stone
Bronzite Palm Stone

Angelite Palm Stone
Angelite Palm Stone

Crystal Egyptian Pendulums

Ouadj Egyptian Pendulum

The Egyptian pendulum is a special shape of pendulum that can be used for a wide range of dowsing and healing applications. Here at Crystal Age we have a wonderful new range of crystal Egyptian pendulums that are a pleasure to use. Egyptian pendulums have a distinctive shape based on Ancient Egyptian amulets and they can be made from wood, metal, crystal or even plastic. Personally I much prefer a crystal Egyptian pendulum as you not only benefit from the properties of the crystal but you also end up with a pendulum that is beautiful in itself.

The Original Egyptian Pendulum

The shape of Egyptian pendulums is based upon an Egyptian amulet known as the ‘Oaudj’ amulet, pictured on the right. These amulets have been found in the bandages of many Ancient Egyptian mummies and they we used to guide and protect the deceased in the next world. These amulets came to the attention of crystal healers thanks to the work of famous dowsers M.A. De Belizal, P.A. Morel and their book Physique Micro Vibratoire et Forces Invisible. They studied Oaudj amulets and discovered it to be a powerful tool, perhaps used by Ancient Egyptian priest-magicians to perform sacred rites. Nowadays Egyptian pendulums are used for many different crystal healing applications including dowsing and work with waveforms. They are a wonderful tool for healing and can be explored in an endless variety of ways.

Our Crystal Egyptian Pendulums

Here at Crystal Age we have a range of beautiful crystal Egyptian pendulums, a selection of which you can see below. These Egyptian pendulums are 7cm long and they have a lovely tactile, rounded shape. Each one comes ready to use on a 25cm silver tone chain.

Hematite Egyptian Pendulum
Hematite Egyptian Pendulum
Mookaite Egyptian Pendulum
Mookaite Egyptian Pendulum
Jasper Egyptian Pendulum
Jasper Egyptian Pendulum
Rose Quartz Egyptian Pendulum
Rose Quartz Egyptian Pendulum
Sodalite Egyptian Pendulum
Sodalite Egyptian Pendulum

Calcite Egyptian Pendulum
Calcite Egyptian Pendulum

The Power of Apatite Crystal

Apatite is a beautiful crystal with a bright and positive healing energy. It is great crystal to use in healing and meditation, as well as a very attractive one to have in any space. Here at Crystal Age we have an excellent range of apatite crystal, from small healing stones to beautiful jewellery.

Apatite crystal is associated with the zodiac sign of Gemini but its different varieties are each aligned with a different chakra. This crystal is believed to encourage extroverted, lively behaviour. It can reenergise the spirit and instils new motivation and drive. Apatite crystal also has an uplifting character and it is said to remedy anger, sadness and irritability; replacing them with optimism and a sense of community. On a physical healing level, apatite is believed to benefit the bones and teeth, in particular aiding the absorption of calcium necessary for healthy bones and teeth. These qualities are common to all varieties of apatite crystal but each type also has its own additional properties.

Green Apatite Crystal

Green Apatite Crystal
Green Apatite Crystal

Green apatite crystal is aligned with the heart chakra – Anahata – and its healing properties are largely centred on the heart and chest area. Green apatite is believed to expand the chest and lungs, improve digestion and can also aid the kidneys. Green apatite is said to give you comforting and nurturing protection around the whole body. It can also heal the heart on an emotional level, dispelling emotional pain and lifting the spirits.

Blue Apatite Crystal

Blue apatite crystal is aligned with the throat chakra – Vishuddha. As you would expect, blue apatite is associated with communication and spirituality. It is believed to facilitate communication on every level and is said to help open the doors to spiritual guidance. On a physical level, blue apatite crystal is said to stimulate energy and blood flow and can be helpful as a way to scan the body before commencing treatment.

Blue Apatite Tumblestones
Blue Apatite Tumblestones
Blue Apatite Sphere
Blue Apatite Sphere

Blue Apatite Crystal
Blue Apatite Crystal

Ajoite Crystal

A beautiful crystal to use in the home is ajoite crystal, this is a very open and nurturing crystal, believed to have a deep connection to the Earth. Ajoite Crystal was first discovered in Ajo, Arizona and consists of copper silicate, often found as an inclusion in quartz. Many crystal healers associate ajoite crystal with female energy and soothing. Using ajoite crystal is said to help transmute negative energy into positive, whilst transforming your fortune in a gentle manner. Although ajoite crystal has a feminine identification with Mother Earth and female empowerment, it is very beneficial for men too. Some use ajoite crystal to harmonise hormonal imbalances and to alleviate depression and PMS.

3.5cm Ajoite Crystal in Quartz

Ajoite in Quartz Crystal

You can discover the unique healing powers that ajoite is said to have wonderfully with this lovely 3.5cm ajoite crystal in quartz. These healing crystals are very rare and feature a substantial ajoite inclusion in clear quartz, ideal for healing and meditation work. Ajoite is a very scarce crystal and believed to balance emotions, open the chakras (energy points) and enhance meditation. As this 3.5cm ajoite crystal is a one-off piece, nobody else will have one quite like it.

4cm Ajoite Crystal in Quartz

4cm Ajoite in Quartz

This beautifully presented 4cm ajoite crystal in quartz is great for healing and meditation work, the flat quartz displays turquoise ajoite inclusions beautifully. The 4cm ajoite crystal in quartz makes an excellent gift item for any friend or family member and a great addition to the home.

2.5cm Ajoite in Quartz

2.5cm Ajoite in Quartz

There are multiple ajoite inclusions in this unusual ajoite in quartz healing crystal, making it great to meditate with and for healing work. This 2.5cm ajoite in quartz crystal is also a one-off piece, making it an extra special gift or treat.

Quartz Beads are Considered Extremely Powerful

Crystal experts say that Quartz Beads and crystals in general are one of the most powerful there are, in terms of healing and amplifying energy. Quartz Beads are made from a unique helical spiral crystalline form, said to absorb, store, release and regulate energy, it’s also belived to be an excellent unblocker of energy. Many acupucture needles are coated in quartz, to magnify the effects by ten percent. Clear quartz beads contain every colour possible and using them is said to raise energy to the highest possible level and enhance psychic abilities and attunes to spiritual purpose.

Quartz Beads Healing

Many people use quartz due to its broad beneficial healing properties, it is said that quartz can be used to heal any condition. You can use quartz to stimulate the immune system and to bring the body into a balanced state. Burns can be soothed with quartz and all of the chakras or energy points in the body harmonize.

Quartz Beads Products

25mm Clear Quartz Beads
12mm Tourmalinated Quartz Beads
10mm Aqua Aura Quartz Beads

Bring Molten Lava Into Your Life Using Obsidian Beads

Obsidian Beads are in-fact pieces of molten lava, which have cooled so rapidly that there was no time to crystallize. There are no boundaries or limitations with obsidian beads, crystal healers believe that obsidian beads enhance truth and exposes flaws, weaknesses and blockages. Obsidian in general should be handled with care and is best used with the guidance of a qualified therapist as it can bring negative emotions and unpleasant truths to the surface un-expectantly. Under skilled guidance obsidian beads and other forms of the crystal can be deeply soul healing, soothing emotions or trauma, which has been carried forward into the present.

Obsidian Beads Healing

Some people use obsidian beads to place under their pillows or beds at night, used in this way it is said that mental stress and tension can be drawn out, bringing calm. In addition to positive benefits, obsidian beads can also bring up reasons for stress, confronting these reasons is the only way to enjoy peace, using obsidian can remove stresses permanently in this way which is why it is a very effective crystal.

The greatest property of obsidian is its insight into the cause of diseases, it helps the digestion of anything that is difficult to accept, whilst promoting physical digestion.

Obsidian Bead Products

16mm Facet Twist Obsidian Beads
20mm Facet Twist Oval Obsidian Beads
20mm Flat Oval Obsidian Beads

24mm Puff Rectangle Obsidian Beads

25mm Facet Twist Obsidian Beads

30mm Facet Twist Oval Obsidian Beads
10mm Round Rainbow Obsidian Beads
8mm Round Rainbow Obsidian Beads

Lapis Lazuli Beads Look Dazzling On & Off

If you want to experience vivid colouring and tranquil looks then try using or wearing Lapis Lazuli Beads which you can make into jewellery. Lapis Lazuli Beads are said to stimulate enlightenment and enhance dream work and psychic abilities, facilitating spiritual journeying and stimulating personal and spiritual power. If you are stressed you could find Lapis Lazuli Beads will help release it, bringing you peace. It is also said that Lapis Lazuli Beads can recognise psychic attacks which they block and return to the sender, in addition to this lapis lazuli is associated with the reversal of curses and disease caused by not speaking out in the past.

Lapis Lazuli Beads Healing

You can use lapis lazuli beads for healing, it is said to be very good in helping migraines, overcoming depression, benefiting the respiratory and nervous systems, the throat, larynx, thyroid and other body parts. It has been reported that lapis lazuli can overcome hearing loss, purify blood and boost the immune system also, making it an invaluable crystal to have around.

Lapis Lazuli Beads Products

25mm Flat Oval Lapis Lazuli Beads
4mm Round Lapis Lazuli Beads
25mm Puff Rectangle Lapis Lazuli Beads

6mm Round Lapis Lazuli Beads

20mm Flat Oval Lapis Lazuli Beads

8mm Round Lapis Lazuli Beads
10mm Malachite and Lapis Lazuli Beads
12mm Malachite and Lapis Lazuli Beads

Labradorite Beads Have An Iridescent Shimmer

Many people use Labradorite crystal both for decoration and the healing benefits that it’s said to withhold, Labradorite Beads are fantastic for both uses. Labradorite Beads have a mysterious sheen to them which looks great in the light, the iridescent colour of the beads adds a luxurious elegance to outfits. There are several Labradorite Beads to choose from, with small round beads, to long ovals and rhombus shaped beads.

50mm Rhombus Labradorite Beads

50mm Rhombus Labradorite Beads

You can make great pieces of jewellery with these 50mm Rhombus Labradorite Beads, featuring an interesting rhombus shape, these eye-catching beads fully display the beauty of labradorite. Labradorite Beads can appear a greyish brown colour, with light gleaming through it however, there are blues and greens deep within the crystal.

Other Labradorite Beads

46mm Long Oval Labradorite Beads
8mm Round Labradorite Beads
50mm Olive Labradorite Beads

Labradorite Beads Attributes

If you like iridescent crystals, then labradorite is ideal, referenced to as a bringer of light. Labradorite is said to raise consciousness and connect with universal energies, whilst deflecting unwanted energies from the aura.

Psychologically, labradorite is said to be capable of banishing fears and insecurities from previous disappointments, including those experienced in past lives. Labradorite is also said to calm overactive minds and energize the imagination, encouraging new ideas. Those experiencing change find Labradorite Beads very useful, it is said to impart strength and perseverance, preparing the body and soul for the ascension process.

Jade Beads Have Numerous Beneficial Attributes

For a relaxing and soothing crystal collection addition or beginning, try jade beads, these green jade beads are said to calm the nervous system and channel passion in constructive ways, they can also be used to harmonize dysfunctional relationships as well as of course making stunning pieces of jewellery. There are two types of jade beads that you can choose from, either the soothing new jade twist oval beads or the energizing lemon jade beads which come in facet rectangles.

25mm New Jade Beads Twist Oval

Lemon Jade Beads Facet Rectangle

Jade Beads Attributes

As with all crystals whether beaded or not, jade beads have many attributes associated to them, some of these include the following:

• Symbolises purity & serenity
• Signifies wisdom gathered in tranquillity
• Increases love and nurturing
• Keeps wearer from harm, bringing harmony
• Believed to attract good luck and friendship

Psychological Attributes

• Stabilizes personality
• Promotes self-sufficiency
• Releases negative thoughts & soothes the mind
• Stimulates ideas

Emotional Attributes

• Considered a dream stone, when placed on the forehead can be insightful
• Helps emotional releases, particularly those of irritability

Spiritual Attributes

• Can encourage you to become who you really are
• Assists in recognizing yourself as a spiritual being
• Awakens hidden knowledge

Physical Attributes

• Cleanses and helps the body filtrate

Jade Healing

It is said that you can use jade to treat the kidneys and supra-adrenal glands as well as to remove toxins, rebind cellular and skeletal systems and to heal stitches. Jade is also said to help fertility and childbirth, working on the hips and spleen. Some also have used jade to balance fluids within the body and the water-salt/acid-alkaline ratios.