Ankh Pendants Add Sophisticated Style

There are some great new ankh pendants available, which add elegance and sophisticated style to any outfit you wear them with. Many ankh pendants have gemstones within them, these shine beautifully in the light and brighten your overall look effortlessly. Each ankh pendant is a one-off piece, so buying them as gifts for people, always make recipients feel extra special.

Gemstone Ankh Pendants

Here are some of the gorgeous gemstone ankh pendants available, each gemstone has different attributes associated with it, some offer healing and protection, whilst others are said to bring optimism and strength to those who wear them. Moonstone is believed to relieve pain, soothe tension and help with PMS, whereas amethyst is thought to be great for those with busy lives. Some wear garnet ankh pendants, these are said to bring hope and courage to people during difficult times.

Moonstone and Silver Ankh Pendant
Amethyst and Silver Ankh Pendant

Garnet Ankh Pendant

Plain Ankh Pendant

For those who do not like wearing gemstones, they can try out this plain ankh pendant, the beauty of the silver will brighten clothing and compliment other accessories, without ever looking over the top.

Plain Ankh Pendant

Pearl Freeform Cross Pendants

Pearl freeform cross pendants are fantastic pieces of jewellery to wear no matter what skin tone you have. The wonderful shimmering finish that the pearl freeform cross pendants have look amazing under the light. There are various styles of pearl freeform cross pendants available, each of them has an abstract design. All of the pearl freeform cross pendants are one-off pieces, therefore they make excellent gift items.

40mm Pearl Freeform Cross Pendants

40mm Pearl Freeform Cross Pendant

These wonderful 40mm pearl freeform cross pendants have a lovely glow to them and really add angelic style to any outfit you wear them with. This particular style of 40mm pearl freeform cross pendant is a one-off piece so nobody else will have one like it.

35mm Pearl Freeform Cross Pendant

35mm Pearl Freeform Cross Pendant

This lovely 35mm pearl freeform cross pendant has a simple yet elegant design, making any outfit look extra special. The one-off piece catches the light in a fantastic manner and the sturdy silver fittings suit silver chains perfectly. There is a two-tone colour effect to the 35mm pearl freedom cross pendant, which compliments all skin tones and stands out fantastically against black clothing.

Kyanite Crystal Jewellery

A beautiful crystal to use for attunement and meditations is kyanite crystal, due to the tranquil colours of kyanite you often find it in the form of kyanite crystal jewellery. Some believe that wearing kyanite crystal jewellery can stimulate psychic abilities and intuition, whilst others wear it to manifest in thought and connect to spiritual guides. One of the nicest aspects of kyanite crystal jewellery is that it is not said to hold any form of negativity as some crystals do, this means that cleaning the crystal is not required.

There are a wonderful range of kyanite crystal jewellery pieces which make excellent additions to any jewellery collection. Here are some of our favourites:

25mm Multi Gemstone Drop Pendant
16-19cm Blue Kyanite and Silver Bracelet

20mm Silver and Kyanite Oval Pendant

Kyanite Crystal Psychological Effects

You can use kyanite crystal to help in speaking one’s truth, without fears and blockages getting in the way, the crystal encourages self-expression and communication. Ignorance can often be cut through using kyanite, allowing the spiritual and psychological truth to reveal itself. Kyanite is also believed to be great at slicing through confusion, whilst dispelling blockages, illusion, anger, stress and frustration.

Kyanite Crystal Healing

Crystal healers use kyanite for many illnesses, it is said to help muscular disorders, thyroid, urogenital system, fevers and the throat as well as other areas. Kyanite is considered by healers to be a natural pain reliever, capable of lowering blood pressure and healing infection. In addition to kyanite crystal jewellery, there are also healing and tumble stones available.

Sunstone Jewellery Brightens Your Appearance

To improve your mood and enjoy approachable style you can try out the gorgeous range of sunstone jewellery. The gleaming orange colour of sunstone jewellery compliments many other colours and stands out fantastically against black. It is said that sunstone jewellery and other forms of the crystal provide anti-depressant qualities and improve sense of self-worth, allowing us to move on from feelings of failure. Many people wear sunstone jewellery to increase their luck and happiness, as well as to see the past in a better light.

Sunstone Jewellery 50mm Large Sunburst Pendant

50mm Sunstone Sunburst Pendant

The simple yet artistic style of this pretty 50mm large sunburst pendant, beautifully displays a circular piece of sunstone set in solid silver. People of all skin tones can wear the 50mm large sunburst pendant to brighten up their style and hopefully make them feel better about themselves. This 50mm large sunburst pendant is a one-off piece, making it a stunning gift for a friend or family member.

Sunstone Jewellery 20mm Motif Oval & Silver Pendant

20mm Oval Sunstone and Silver Pendant

You will never find a 20mm motif oval sunstone and silver pendant quite like this one again, the one-off piece has an unusual design featuring a stylish curly silver motif. The natural sunstone crystal clasped inside the motif looks brilliant against the silver setting and is said to combat negative feelings, replacing them with optimism and confidence.

Other Sunstone Jewellery

12mm Sunstone Oval Pendant
40mm Sunstone and Silver Pendant


If you are looking for a crystal, which is believed to have a powerful filtering action then amazonite is the one to go for. Amazonite is said to block geopathic stress on a physical level, whilst absorbing microwaves and cell phone emanations. If you place a piece of amazonite between you and the source of pollution, or even tape it to your cell phone, this should protect you. Mentally it is said that amazonite filters the information, which passes through the brain and then combines it with intuition.

As all of the turquoise coloured crystals are, amazonite is a very soothing and tranquil crystal to have around, calming the brain and nervous system.

Amazonite Healing

People use amazonite to heal and open the heart and throat chakras, this enhances loving communication. Crystal healers use amazonite for healing osteoporosis, tooth decay, calcium deficiency and for balancing the metabolism.

Amazonite Jewellery

There are many gorgeous amazonite pendants that you can buy, each displaying the beautiful and rich green and blue tones. Wearing an amazonite pendant could lift sadness, aid self-confidence and protect you from electromagnetic stress. Many of the amazonite pendants are one-off pieces, making them perfect for buying as a gift for someone special.

32mm Thick Oval Amazonite and Silver Pendant
35mm Rounded Trapezium Amazonite and Silver Pendant

30mm Trapezium Amazonite and Silver Pendant

Amazonite Products

20-25mm Amazonite Tumble Stone
Amazonite Crystal Heart

Larimar Crystal

One of the not so well known crystals due to it not being discovered until recently is larimar crystal. Larimar Crystal is considered a spiritual stone, capable of opening new dimensions and stimulating evolution of the earth. The bluey colour of larimar crystal makes it a very tranquil gemstone to wear as jewellery, or to keep in your home as an ornament. Many people who meditate will find that larimar crystal helps them to induce a deep meditative state with no effort at all. You can enjoy larimar crystals in many forms such as large ornamental gemstones and jewellery. Larimar Crystal is only found in the Dominican Republic and it is believed to have many powerful healing properties, including pain relief throughout the body.

38mm Larimar Crystal Cabochon

38mm Rectangle Larimar Crystal

This 38mm Rectangle Larimar Crystal Cabochon is an excellent example of the tone and mood of larimar, featuring a gorgeous polished surface the gemstone can be placed anywhere around the home. Within the 38mm larimar crystal cabochon you can clearly see the natural markings and formation, consisting of small grain crystals one end and deep sky blues the other. A great aspect of this 38mm larimar crystal cabochon is that it’s a one-off piece, making it an extra special addition to any crystal collection.

Larimar Jewellery

Slanted Oval Larimar Ring

There are many pieces of charming larimar crystal jewellery available and this slanted oval in silver casing larimar ring is just one of them. Featuring a beautiful clear blue oval larimar crystal, the silver casing and band is the perfect backdrop for such a stunning stone. As this slanted oval in silver casing ring is a one-off, you won’t be seeing anybody else with one, making it that much more special.

Crescent Pendants Make A Change From The Norm

Many pendants can look similar to each other but that is not true of crescent pendants, these make a refreshing change of style and are a rare design of pendant. The moon shape of crescent pendants adds a cosmic touch to any outfit and look great with a number of other designs and accessories. These gorgeous crescent pendants are made from various gemstone crystals, each with a different colour and attribute associated with it. There are three types of crescent pendants that you can currently choose from and they make lovely gifts.

21mm Cherry Quartz Crescent Pendants

21mm Cherry Quartz Crescent Pendant

This beautiful 21mm cherry quartz crescent pendant can be worn to add warming colour to any outfit, boasting a rich pink rose shade. The cherry quartz crescent pendant will suit all skin tones and looks gorgeous under the light. Cherry quartz is said to heal emotional wounds and encourage spiritual growth.

21mm Tiger Eye Crescent Pendant

21mm Tiger Eye Crescent Pendant

If you like neutral tones you’ll love this pleasant 21mm tiger eye crescent pendant, with rich woody brown tones. The crescent moon shape of the pendant suits the polished tiger’s eye crystal very well and is thought to bring courage, strength and the cunning of a tiger to whoever wears it. Tiger-eye is also believed to give confidence and good health to those who use it, you can even buy it as a special treat for a loved one to bring them good fortune.

21mm Purple Quartz Crescent Pendant

21mm Purple Quartz Crescent Pendant

Another quartz crescent pendant you can choose is the purple quartz which has a lovely calming effect with whatever you wear it with. This beautifully made purple quartz pendant is a gorgeous shade of magenta and can be worn with a simple chain on its own or with other crystal jewellery. The benefits of wearing this purple quartz pendant are said to be cleansing and healing of the body and mind.

Agogo Pendants Come Gift Boxed

There are some wonderful pieces of crystal jewellery such as Agogo Pendants available, these can be worn to highlight and compliment various clothing, accessories and skin tone. You can buy Agogo Pendants in a variety of different crystals, each with varying qualities associated with them. Agogo Pendants make fantastic gifts for people as they come neatly presented in a stylish gift box, this also saves time and money on wrapping gifts.

Carnelian Agogo Pendant Gift Box

Carnelian Agogo Pendant

Brightening up your clothing is easy with this vibrant fiery orange Carnelian Agogo Pendant. The gorgeous pendant comes gift boxed, ready to treat somebody special and also keeps the pendant safe and clean when not in use. The price of the carnelian agogo pendant is incredibly cheap and it feels and looks great against any skin tone. Carnelian crystal is closely associated with passion, courage and good health, so anybody who wears it could benefit from these qualities.

Calcite Agogo Pendant Gift Box

Calcite Agogo Pendant

For a soft and subtle look you can try the Calcite Agogo Pendant, featuring soft honey tones, which again compliment the skin and any hair colour. Calcite is considered by crystal experts to be a very spiritual stone, believed to enhance spiritual development and relieve stress. The calcite looks great against the black cord, which comes with it and is ready to give away as a gift.

Crystal Gift Sets

Make somebody feel really special this year by treating them to one of the memorable crystal gift sets which look beautiful in any home. Many people believe that crystals have healing properties so you can choose which of the crystal gift sets will suit the occasion best by the properties associated with particular crystals and looking at the recipients personality. Another great way how to choose which crystal gift sets will work the best is by colour, crystals come in various gorgeous colours, each in a black luxuriously padded box.

Small Purple Agate Geode Crystal Gift Sets

Purple Agate Gift Box

To add a boost of confidence to somebody try buying them this beautiful small purple agate geode crystal gift set. The rich purple colour of the agate crystal clearly displays the natural bands of the agate formation. You can enjoy the dramatic power of deep and lighter shades of purple in this agate geode, ideal for those with vibrant personalities.

Carborundum Crystal Gift Sets

Carborundum Crystal Gift Box

A gift definitely worth giving is this beautiful shimmering carborundum crystal gift set, presented in a cushioned black gift box, the rainbow effect colours in carborundum shine through vibrantly. The natural straight crystal formation of carborundum makes it a wondrous stone and it is said to absorb electromagnetic radiation produced by computers and other electrical equipment.

Cats Eye Tumble Stone

Cats Eye Tumble Stone

If you want tumblestones that really stand out and add vibrancy to your home then look no further than cats eye tumble stone, these gorgeous stones have an iridescent glow to them hence where the name comes from. What’s more by having cat eye tumble stone nearby it is said to offer you insight and understanding. You can enjoy cat eye tumble stone in various colours, or buy several, which compliment each other. Having cats eye tumble stone in the home brings you the beauty of rocks, minerals and gemstones in a smoothed and polished state.

Cats Eye Tumble Stone Polishing

Many crystals including cat’s eye tumble stone are polished to bring out their full beauty and detail of crystal formation. The practice of polishing crystals has been carried out for thousands of years, associated with spiritual and healing properties.

Cats Eye Tumble Stone Colours

• Blue
• Pink
• Turquoise
• Mauve
• Orange
• Yellow