Watermelon Tourmaline Crystal

Pink enfolded in green describes watermelon tourmaline crystal very well, the crystal is considered by crystal experts to be a super activator of the heart chakra or energy point. Using or wearing watermelon tourmaline crystal is said to take on love, tenderness and friendship as well as instilling patience. Many people use watermelon tourmaline crystal to alleviate depression and fear, or to assist in the understanding of situations and for expression of clear intentions.

Healing is a large part of watermelon tourmaline crystal as it is said to dissolve any resistance to become whole when you have broken apart inside. There are some beautiful watermelon tourmaline crystal pendants available, many of which are not only one-off pieces but also a great way to enjoy the benefits associated with the crystal.

39mm Watermelon Tourmaline Crystal Pendant

39mm Watermelon Tourmaline Pendant

Brighten and uplift your look with this gorgeous 39mm watermelon tourmaline crystal pendant. The pink tones in this pendant will make a pretty fashion statement no matter what the occasion. Featuring a natural watermelon tourmaline set in solid silver the 39mm watermelon tourmaline crystal pendant shows greens and whites as well as pink shades. Crystal healers believe that watermelon tourmaline crystal can heal emotional imbalances caused by confusion or conflict.

25mm Watermelon Tourmaline Crystal Pendant

25mm Watermelon Tourmaline Pendant

Here is another striking example of the gorgeous watermelon tourmaline crystal pendants, this 25mm pendant has a rectangular silver frame and catches the light beautifully. The 25mm watermelon tourmaline crystal pendant is a one-off piece making it a fantastic gift for a special occasion.

Blue Opal Crystal

One of the most beautiful gemstones is blue opal, considered to be an emotional healer it’s not merely the surface of the crystal that is mesmerising. Sometimes communication can be supresssed through lack of confidence, blue opal is said to enhance communication and has also been used for help when past-life experiences or injuries affect present life. You can enjoy the beauty of blue opal in several forms uplifting your home and mood, each of which also make lovely gifts for others.

Blue Opal Crystal Jewellery

19mm Silver & Blue Opal Crystal Teardrop Pendant

19mm Opal Teardrop Pendant

The colour of this wonderful 19mm silver & blue opal teardrop pendant is tranquil and fresh. Featuring a bright Mediterranean ocean blue, the shimmering effect of the blue opal looks simply dazzling in the light and is compliment well by its solid silver setting. This silver and blue opal teardrop pendant is extra special as it’s a one-off piece, the natural opal crystal has an uplifting energy no matter what you wear it with and will suit all skin tones. The healing benefits associated with this gorgeous blue opal pendant are increased self-confidence, self-expression and optimism.

16-19cm Blue Opal Crystal & Silver Gemstone Bracelet

16-19cm Opal Gemstone Bracelet

You can buy this wonderfully made 16-19cm blue opal crystal and silver bracelet as a gift for a special occasion, or simply to re-vamp your own jewellery collection. The shade of light blue opal gemstones in this bracelet add charm and colour to both dark and light clothing. Some people believe that wearing blue opal jewellery encourages happiness, warmth and love, if nothing else it will certainly shimmer giving a mystical aura to your look.

Blue Opal Crystal Ring

Blue Opal Ring

For a simple yet beautiful look, try this sturdy silver cased blue opal ring for size. A smooth round finish to the ring provides a soft elegant touch to evening wear as well as brightening up daytime clothing. The blue opal used was discovered in the furthest region of Mintabie, Australia and the sterling silver ring it is set in is available in UK size Q, USA size 8.

Other Blue Opal Crystal Products

Andean Blue Opal Healing Crystal
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Turquoise Beads Could Refresh Body & Spirit

Turquoise is considered a very important crystal and you can use turquoise beads in jewellery making, healing and simply decorating your home and accessories. Crystal healers say that turquoise is the most efficient healer, being beneficial to the spirit and body. Turquoise Beads and other forms of the crystal have been used for many years as a protective stone, as well as for making amulets due to the stunning bright colour.

Turquoise Beads Psychological Effects

Many use turquoise for its strength, it is said to dissolve martyred attitudes and self-sabotage which could be crucial in helping those who suffer from these issues. Turquoise can help to restore inner calm, whilst keeping you alert to danger, it is also believed to help people express themselves creatively. In an emotional sense turquoise has been used in the past to control mood swings as well as to stimulate romance and love.

Turquoise Beads Physical Effects

If you are exhausted, depressed, or suffer with panic attacks then you could find turquoise to help with it. One of the many protective functions of turquoise is said to be against outside influences and pollutants in the atmosphere.

10mm China Turquoise Beads
Mini China Turquoise Beads

Tourmaline Crystal Beads

3mm Half Round Watermelon Tourmaline Beads

If you want to add a warming pretty tone to your look or benefit from the associated positive benefits tourmaline crystal beads are believed to have then try them out. Tourmaline Crystal Beads are said to cleanse, purify and transform dense energy into light vibrations. Many use tourmaline crystal beads and other forms of tourmaline for the beneficial effect it is said to have on gardens and plants. It is said that tourmaline can in-fact act as an insecticide, keeping pests at bay, if you bury tourmaline in the ground, it could encourage growth and health of crops.

Tourmaline Crystal Beads Apparent Psychological Effects

Some people believe that using tourmaline crystal beads can help in the understanding of oneself and others, promoting self-confidence and diminishing fear. Others use tourmaline crystal to banish feelings of being a victim, attracting inspiration, compassion, tolerance and prosperity.

3mm Half Round Watermelon Tourmaline Crystal Beads

Those who love beadwork will love these gracefully coloured 3mm half round watermelon tourmaline crystal beads. As the watermelon tourmaline crystal beads hit the light they look incredibly beautiful. You can see pink, green and white in these gorgeous watermelon tourmaline crystal beads. It is said that watermelon crystal heals emotional imbalances due to confusion and conflict, so those who have experienced such imbalance could find them very useful in healing.

Tiger Eye Beads Brighten & Uplift

Tiger Eye is considered a very special crystal as it is said to enhance psychic abilities in earthly people and to balance the lower chakras, this is probably why tiger eye beads are very popular. Many people like to make jewellery from tiger eye beads, transforming them into bracelets, necklaces or earrings to brighten up their outfits whilst enjoying the benefits they are said to bring those close to them. Tiger Eye Beads are protective, stemming from the tradition of carrying the stone as a talisman against ill wishing and curses.

Tiger Eye Beads Mental Healing

Crystal healers say that tiger eye integrates the hemispheres of the brain, enhancing practical perception. Many people use tiger eye to collect scattered information, helping them make a coherent whole. Tiger eye beads can also be used to help resolve dilemmas and internal conflicts, particularly those caused by pride and wilfulness.

Tiger Eye Beads Psychological Benefits

The brownish yellow tiger eye beads, which also come in turquoise are also believed by some to heal issues of self worth, self-criticism and blocked creativity.

10mm Facet Roundel Tiger Eye Beads
10mm Round Tiger Eye Beads

12mm Round Tiger Eye Beads

14mm Facet Flat Tiger Eye Beads

6mm Heart Tiger Eye Beads

25mm Facet Fan Tiger Eye Beads

6mm Twist Fan Tiger Eye Beads

8mm Rectangle Tiger Eye Beads

7mm Twist Rectangle Tiger Eye Beads

7mm Twist Rectangle Tiger Eye Beads

5-10mm Tumble Stone Tiger Eye Beads

Turquoise Tiger Eye Beads

10mm Round Turquoise Tiger Eye Beads
8mm Round Turquoise Tiger Eye Beads

Sugilite Beads Have Deep Alluring Colour

When it comes to love and crystals, sugilite beads are a great way to encourage happiness. Crystal healers say that sugilite beads represent spiritual love and wisdom, opening all the energy points or chakras of the body. Some people use sugilite beads and other forms of the crystal for inspiring spiritual awareness and promoting channelling ability. Others who use sugilite beads do it for the believed teaching of how to live from your truth, reminding the soul of its reasons for incarnating. Some believe that sugiite has the answer to all the big questions such as “Why am I here?”, “Where did I come from?” and “Who am I?”. Experts say that using sugulite can help to bring light and love into the darkest of situations, aid forgiveness and eliminate hostility.

Sugilite Beads Healing

Some use sugilite beads in crystal healing practices, it is said to be an excellent pain reliever, able to clear headaches and discomfort at all levels. Using sugilite beads could also help those with epilepsy, motor disturbances, lymph and blood.

Sugilite Beads Products

8mm Roundel Sugilite Beads

8mm Roundel Sugilite Beads

These beautiful blackcurrant coloured 8mm roundel sugilite beads make fantastic jewellery items and can also be used as stress beads. The beautiful deep purple and lilac shades of sugilite beads have an elegant glossy finish to them and they compliment all skin tones. You can buy the 8mm roundel sugilite beads supplied on a temporary 16″ string.

Sugilite Beads Chip Crystals

Chip Sugilite Beads

If you prefer the full on rugged gemstone look then you’ll love these pretty chip sugilite beads, displaying a great range of purples, shapes and sizes. Anybody who loves beadwork will enjoy working with these sugilite chip beads and wearing them could even soothe migraines, headaches and anxiety. These chip sugilite beads come supplied on a temporary 16″ string.

Sodalite Beads

Sodalite is a very interesting crystal which makes sodalite beads very popular as they can be taken with your wherever you go, or made into jewellery and worn. Crystal experts say that sodalite beads and other forms of the crystal unite logic with intuition, opening spiritual perception and information from the higher mind to a physical level. Many people use sodalite beads whilst meditating to help them with understanding and openness. Sodalite Beads can instil a drive for truth and urge people towards idealism, allowing you to stay true to yourself and stand up for what you believe in.

Sodalite Beads Psychological Effects

It is said that sodalite beads can bring about emotional balance, calming panic attacks and high tension. Those who use sodalite regularly also find that it helps to transform defensive or oversensitive personalities, releasing core fears, phobias, guilt and control mechanisms which hold people back from being who they truly are.

Sodalite Beads Healing

Many use sodalite for healing, it is believed to help the metabolism, overcome calcium deficiencies and cleanse the lymphatic system and organs. Some use sodalite to help with the immune system, whilst others find it combats radiation damage and insomnia. Other healing claims of sodalite are treatment of the throat, vocal cords, cooling fevers, lowering blood pressure and stimulating absorption of fluid in the body.

Sodalite Beads Products

4mm Round Sodalite Beads
5mm Round Sodalite Beads

Use Rose Quartz Beads for Matters of the Heart

To encourage unconditional love, rose quartz beads and other forms of rose quartz is a great crystal to use, the peaceful tone and attributes of the crystal is considered the most important heart crystal. Using rose quartz beads is said to purify and open the heart at all levels, bringing deep inner healing and self love. Many use rose quartz beads in a trauma or crisis, in order to calm and reassure. Rose Quartz Beads can also attract new love, simply by placing rose quartz by your bed or a corner of your home, it is believed to encourage relationships towards you.  Existing relationships are said to be strengthened by using rose quartz, restoring trust, harmony and unconditional love. You can use rose quartz beads for mid life crisis as well as any other time when things get on top of you.

Rose Quartz Beads Healing

You can use rose quartz beads in crystal healing to make the heart stronger so crystal healers believe, other areas it is said to help are the circulatory system, helping to release impurities from body fluids. If you place rose quartz beads on the thymus, it is said that you can help chest and lung problems, kidneys, adrenals and vertigo are also said to be healed with rose quartz. Rose Quartz is also rumored to increase fertility, soothe burns, smooth the complexion and help Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Senile Dementia.

Rose Quartz Beads Products

Here are some of the different shapes and sizes of rose quartz beads that you can purchase.

12mm Madagascan Rose Quartz Beads
25mm Madagascan Rose Quartz Beads

20mm Madagascan Rose Quartz Beads

25mm Puff Heart Rose Quartz Beads

40mm Long Oval Rose Quartz Beads
4mm Round Rose Quartz Beads

Rhodochrosite Beads

Rhodochrosite Crystal is said to represent selfless love and compassion which makes it a lovely crystal to buy in the form of Rhodochrosite Beads. You can either make items of jewellery with rhodochrosite beads, place them around the home, or take them with you in your bag or pocket wherever you go. Crystal healers say that rhodochrosite Beads expand consciousness, whilst integrating spiritual and material energies. Many people use rhodochrosite beads to help their heart and relationships, particularly those who feel unloved. People who have been sexually abused could find rhodochrosite beads and other forms of the crystal helpful in healing and it can also attract a soul mate, it is said that soul mates teach us lessons in life but beware these are not always pleasant experiences. Many people also use rhodochrosite beads to teach their hearts to assimilate painful feelings without shutting down, it also is said to remove forms of denial.

Rhodochrosite Beads Formation

For a crystal that is naturally banded, rhodochrosite is an excellent example, it often has curved bands which are displayed throughout each bead. Due to the warming colour of rhodochrosite beads, the formation is displayed beautifully and uplifts the senses in an instant. You can wear rhodochrosite beads if you are into jewellery making, or alternatively use them around the home to keep near you in times of trouble.

Rhodochrosite Beads Products

20mm Tumble Stone Rhodochrosite Beads

20mm Rhodochrosite Beads

These fabulous 20mm rhodochrosite beads have lovely red and orange tones and each bead varies in shape slightly, displaying the pink banded structure of the beads. You will receive the 20mm tumble stone rhodochrosite beads on a temporary 16″/40cm string, great for getting you started on a piece of jewellery or ornament item.

25mm Tumble Stone Rhodochrosite Beads

25mm Rhodochrosite Beads

The larger 25mm tumble stone rhodochrosite beads show an even larger surface area of the warming crystal and helps to brighten up your look or home with a comforting tone. Each 25m tumble stone has been polished to a glossy finish and combines pinks with orange and red, complimenting all skin tones beautifully. These gorgeous 25mm tumble stone rhodochrosite beads make excellent gifts for any occasion as well as a lovely addition or start to a crystal collection.

Quartz Beads are Considered Extremely Powerful

Crystal experts say that Quartz Beads and crystals in general are one of the most powerful there are, in terms of healing and amplifying energy. Quartz Beads are made from a unique helical spiral crystalline form, said to absorb, store, release and regulate energy, it’s also belived to be an excellent unblocker of energy. Many acupucture needles are coated in quartz, to magnify the effects by ten percent. Clear quartz beads contain every colour possible and using them is said to raise energy to the highest possible level and enhance psychic abilities and attunes to spiritual purpose.

Quartz Beads Healing

Many people use quartz due to its broad beneficial healing properties, it is said that quartz can be used to heal any condition. You can use quartz to stimulate the immune system and to bring the body into a balanced state. Burns can be soothed with quartz and all of the chakras or energy points in the body harmonize.

Quartz Beads Products

25mm Clear Quartz Beads
12mm Tourmalinated Quartz Beads
10mm Aqua Aura Quartz Beads